Swimming pool water uv sterilizer

Swimming Pool Water UV Sterilizer has taken special high intensity when no ozone UV Germicidal Lamp and the inner wall of specially treated carbon micro smelly's stainless steel cylinder, the outer cylinder with a special polishing treatment, the pretreated water flows through the barrel is irradiated with a sufficient amount of 253.7nm ultraviolet line, it has a good bactericidal effect, but also effectively reduces the influence of ultra-pure water.
Swimming Pool Water UV Sterilizer Features
1.304 or 316 special polished stainless steel reactor
2. The quartz sleeve to ensure excellent operating temperature
3. sterilization comprehensive, efficient fast, sterilization rate of 99.9%? High output, physical sterilization, the role of non-attachment, no secondary pollution
4. stainless steel shell, European technology, special polishing wall, do not stay dead.
5. Clean equipment, electro-polished, for high clean environment.
6. Electrical equipment configuration suitable for world markets.
7. Special appearance design, easier to use


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