Multi-Effect Water Distiller Machine Failure Analysis and Processing

1.Flow meter no indication or unstable

a. Pump inner has air Open pump exhaust air plug, remove the air and turn back the plug, check whether the pump suction line is leaking

b. The Condenser `s non-condensable gases discharge valve is not open. Open the non-condensable gases discharge valve

c.   Pump failure Repair or replacement pump

d. Filter clogging Open the filter, check if clogging and clean or replace.

2. Distilled water quality unqualified

a. Caused by improper operation internal seeper, steam entrainment droplet Check whether the steam pressure is lower, whether the water inflow is higher, reduce water inflow and operate for period of time, discharge seeper then return to normal.

b.The end effect  bottom floating ball liquid level control valve malfunction Open the end effect evaporator bottom flange, check whether the floating ball adjustable valve drain outlet is blocked, whether the float valve movement is sensitive.

3.Distilled water yield lower

a. Heating steam pressure low Improve heating steam pressure

b. Water inflow is insufficient Increase the water inflow.

c. The first effect evaporator heating steam non-condensable gas is not dischargedOpen the non-condensable gas discharge valve, discharge the non-condensable gases.

d. Heating steam condensate water discharge is not unimpeded, causing heater internal seeper.Check steam trap surface temperature, if lower then open it cleaning.

4. Distilled water temperature lower

Feeding water quantity too big Adjust small feeding water quantity

5.Distilled water temperature higher

a. Feeding water quantity too small Increase feeding water quantity

b. Discharge the Non-condensable gas  is not unimpeded Check whether the condensable gas discharge valve is opened, and clean or replace.

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