Introduction of UV sterilizer

First, UV Sterilizer basic technical requirements
(1) UV sterilizer should be designed to meet the GB 8988 "grid power supply for household and similar general purposes of safety requirements and related electronic equipment" requirements

(2) shall be drawings and technical documents create procedures approved technical regulations 

(3) of the same type sterilizer should ensure interchangeability of parts

(4) should be done by ultraviolet irradiation surface polished

(5) pressure cylinder working pressure of not less than 0.60MPa, the test pressure of not less than 0.90MPa 

(6) Simplified or cabinets should be set baffle

(7) straight tube-shaped quartz ultraviolet installation requirements and low pressure mercury lamps should be consistent with YY / T0160 "straight tube-shaped quartz low pressure mercury ultraviolet light disinfection." (8) when there are high requirements on the environment, should be preferred low ozone tubes, in order to reduce ozone pollution to the environment (9) of the lamp shall be arranged so that the ultraviolet intensity ultraviolet irradiation surface distribution
(10) shall be provided indicating a relative indication lamp lit, lit the accumulated time indication or ultraviolet radiation intensity

(11) Application of quartz glass tube and the tube separated from water, quartz tube 253.7mm ultraviolet transmittance of greater than 85% 


(12) optional low-voltage electrical products should meet the technical requirements of the relevant

(13) shall be provided out of the purple pipes, drain pipes, sampling tube. When disinfection inconvenient placed vent pipes can also be installed in the sterilizer equivalents at the connection pipeline
(14) disinfection specifications and into the outlet pipe diameter should be selected according to Table

(15) Purple inspection requirements of this standard, equipped with a new lamp sterilizer, ultraviolet radiation dose measured not less than 12000 & micro;? W S / cm. (Shall be filled with water), ultraviolet radiation dose to normal working sterilizers measured not less than 9000 & micro;? W S / cm. 

(16) according to the standard conditions of use at rated water disinfection work, bacteriological indicators of water should comply with GB5749 "drinking water health standards" requirement.

(17) the material should be consistent with GB / T17219 "in drinking water equipment and protective materials safety evaluation criteria of" requirement. Disinfection should be used 304.

Head loss at rated water disinfection work should be less than 0.005MPa.


Second, ultraviolet disinfection sterilization principle
Water to be treated through the inlet into the over-flow UV sterilizer chamber, an ultraviolet light water having cavitation, mixing, pyrolysis, oxidation, plug flow, sterilization, algae role in achieving the secondary sterilization and degradation of organic matter, which local shock generated enables water to be treated to produce turbulence, water with ultraviolet fuller uniform contact, to achieve a more efficient bactericidal effect; and the ultraviolet light of 254nm wavelength binding intense ultraviolet C (UVC) irradiating the water flow, to achieve further broad-spectrum sterilization, water to be treated in a very short period of time to achieve sterilization.
Drainage works in UV sterilizer said actually refers UVC disinfection. UV sterilizer technology is based on science, the basis of modern medicine on prevention and photodynamic, UVC band ultraviolet irradiation water use specially designed high efficiency, high strength and long life, a variety of bacteria in the water ,, parasites, algae and other pathogens directly kill, to achieve the purpose of disinfection.
Third, ultraviolet disinfection construction, installation points
(1) is not easy to close the pump is mounted on the outlet pipe to prevent the pump stops water hammer damage to the quartz glass tube and the tube. (2) out of the water should be strictly in accordance with the installation directions.
(3) should be the basis of building up the ground, the foundation above the ground not less than 100mm.
(4) UV sterilizer and connecting pipes and valves should be firmly fixed, can not bear the weight of the ultraviolet generator pipes and accessories. (5) shall be installed for easy removal, inspection and maintenance of all piping connections not use water hygiene material impact.


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