Electric water distiller failure analysis and processing

1.Power Indicator does not light up

a.  The Residual Current Circuit Breaker is not opened.Open the Residual Current Circuit Breaker, make the equipment in Power condition.

b.  Indicator Lights have damaged.Should be replace the power indicator light.

2.Electronic heating Tube indicator does not light up

a. Examine the Wire Connecting Terminal & Electronic Heating Tube Connection whether is right.According to correct method connect and ensure connection is tight.

b. Electronic heating tube have damaged.Close the total power (Residual Current Circuit Breaker), check one by one.

c. Indicator Lights have damaged.Should be replace the power indicator light.

3.The distilled water output capacity decrease

a. The Evaporation Pot quantity of steam is small Heating Tube wall scale formation, regular cleaning the scale and discharge.

b. The Heating Tube have damaged. Close the main power switch (Residual Current Circuit Breaker), check one by one, if have damaged one, please replace the heating tube according to correct method.

c. Evaporation pot water shortage Adjust big Water Outlet Adjustable Valve and check whether the water source is without water

d. Condenser scale formation Open the discharge scale cover and discharge the water scale.

e. Cooling water inlet, water outlet flow imbalance Should be adjust big water inflow, adjust small water outflow, make the water flow balance.

4.Distilled water unqualified

a. The Evaporation Pot internal water level is too high and into the Condenser. Adjust small water outlet valve, adjust big discharge valve, make the Evaporation Pot water level in normal, at least in the sight glass bottom line.

b. Distilled water containing chlorine, because the water quality is high salt content problem, caused the condenser pipe is corroded(salt crystals corrosion) Improve water quality to become qualified drinking water or add softened water device at water source place.

c. Check the condenser pipe whether it have  cracks due to corrosion, and timely welding condensing pipes.

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