Common troubleshooting methods of the UV Sterilizer

1. Abnormal power cord or plug fever, burning smell

There is something wrong with the cables, please change the cable.

2. The water leakage of the quartz sleeve.

Two reasons, 1. The quartz is broken. 2. The hoops is too loose, tighten the hoops.

3. The indicator light dont work.

a. Fuse wire is broken.

b. The lamp socket is not inserted firmly

c. Socket inserts off;

d. ballast is damaged;

e.  light-emitting diode is damaged;

f.  lamp is damaged

4. The reason of low disinfect efficiency

a. Low voltage

b. Something is attached on the outer wall of the quartz tube. Need to clean the quartz sleeve.

c. The radiation intensity of the lamp is less than 70U. Please change the lamp.

d. The lamp is over service life.

e. The water flow is too high. Please adjust the water flow rate or increase the power.

f. The impurities, mineral substance and suspended solids that in the water is exceed the standard. You may need prefilter.

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