Ozone Generator For Water Disinfection

Product origin:China
Delivery time:2days
Supply capacity:300sets/Month

Product introduction:

Guanyu ozone generator is Guanyu companies rely on their own comprehensive strength of technology, with a wide range of generator advanced technology at home and abroad, developing and producing the high-tech products. The products have two kinds: oxygen and air type. It’s characteristics are: high stability, high ozone capacity, high concentration, low power consumption, easy to operate and so on.

The Application Field

Guanyu oxygen ozone generator is widely used in wastewater treatment, reclaimed water,pure water treatment, food processing, pharmaceutical production, chemical oxidation,health, water, hospitals,factories, residential living, swimming pool, food and beverage,pharmaceutical factory, owned well, storage tank, a water tank, animal husbandry aquaculture, cold storage, landscape water, waste gas processing, ozone oxidation, space sterilization.

Product Features

1.Automatic control system, any set of processing time, can achieve no one on duty

2.Design remote control, PLC, touch screen and other control according to user'srequirement.

3.Has a variety of intellectual property rights of the ozone discharge body: quartz, nano grade porcelain enamel, ceramic

4.Double water cooling or water cooling and double cooling technology

5.Optimization of gas source treatment system configuration

6.Using standard high-frequency high-voltage switching power supply, with automatic frequency modulation, fault detection, high efficiency and other functions

7.Imported power core components, digital control power supply technology, with the three main functions of voltage regulation, frequency conversion and boost

8.Can work continuously for 24 hours

9.Special power supply and discharge to form the best matching

10.Using soft switching technology, the efficiency of more than 95%

The Characteristics of Oxygen Source

Core technology, high-end configuration ---- is a powerful guarantee for the excellent performance of professional ozone machine

1.Displacement oil free compressor or screw rod compressor: use imported high wear resistant leather bowl and motor material assembly, gas, long service life

2.Pre filled integration Aluminum Alloy imported molecular sieve assembly: keep the maximum molecular sieve activity, providing oxygen separation efficiency

3.Reasonable cooling design, fully guarantee the heat dissipation efficiency, keep the machine running stably for a long time.

4.Professional alloy combination electronic control valve: fully guarantee the machine running life

5.Imported oxygen concentration monitoring probe: the domestic exclusive use, stable and reliable quality

6.Long service life: the service life reaches the international advanced level, the comprehensive price ratio is high.

7.Gas foot: exit pressure up to 0.05*0.08


Parameter Technology Table

ModelOzone Capacity(g/h)Total Power(w)Equipment Size(mm)


Factory Show

Factory show

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