Major Issues

1.Common troubleshooting methods of the UV Sterilizer

1. Abnormal power cord or plug fever, burning smell There is something wrong with the cables, please change the cable.

2. The water leakage of the quartz sleeve.Two reasons, 1. The quartz is broken. 2. The hoops is too loose,.……read more

2.Electric  water distiller  failure analysis and processing

1.Power Indicator does not light up

a.  The Residual Current Circuit Breaker is not opened.Open the Residual Current Circuit Breaker, make the equipment in Power condition.

b.  Indicator Lights have damaged.Should be replace the power indicator light.……read more

3.Multi-Effect Water Distiller Machine Failure Analysis and Processing

1.Flow meter no indication or unstable

a. Pump inner has air Open pump exhaust air plug, remove the air and turn back the plug, check whether the pump suction line is leaking

b. The Condenser `s non-condensable gases discharge valve is not open.……read more

4.Routing inspection of UV sterilizer

Every 4-5 weeks after the use of the equipment, the equipment should be checked for the following abnormal conditions

a.The power cord or plug is unusually hot and has a burning smell……read more

Other Issues

Please feel free to submit your after-sale problems